The applepie, the most famous pie in the Netherlands, baked for ages by Grandmothers recipe. Some little changes in the batter, but the base is always the same: bakes with lots of love!
Every cafe or restaurant serves it, with or without whipped cream, warm, cold, etc.
At BitterSweetz we bake it slightly different (as usual). We bake them without gluten, without refined sugars and without any animal products so they are vegan as well. This way we can serve a large group of people with a special diet. Our apple pie is a pie without nuts therefore people who can’t eat nuts are able to enjoy this delicious pie too. It is one of our favorites. Sometimes we have just baked it and have to bake a new one within the hour because it is totally eaten. Every now and then we get a phone call from a customer who asks us to keep one piece of apple pie seperate so he/she can pick it up after work. We are happy to do so and we also are very happy to stay a bit longer if the person can’t make it before our closing hours. The other way around is possible too; we open the doors for customers who can only pick up a cake before opening hours. No problem at all, as long as we know it in advance we can open the doors (if we don’t know it there is a change we are doing our grocery shoppings and are not in the shop). For the ones living close to our private homes we are happy to bring a cake at home at our way home. If that is not possible there are the lovely Deliveroo drivers who’ll pick up our products and are happy to bring it to your home or work. In that way nor us nor you have to get out. How easy is that!


Ingredients of our apple pie:
But enough about these options and let’s get started with some (even more) important information. The ingredients of the apple pie at BitterSweetz so you can try to bake it at home:

There are many different types of apples and even new types are created by combining the existing types with eachother. Worldwide you can find around 7.000 different apple versions. Just choose the apples you like when baking the cake. Whether you use sweet apples, sour apples or a combination of the both, it is your decision and your taste that makes it.

Sweet apples, what are they?

Sweet apples have a sweet taste (:)) Of course they have. The apple will do great as a snack during the day and can be used for fresh salads.

Some sweet apples you might have heard of are the Cox, the Royal Gala, the Fuji and the Braeburn.

Sweet&sour apples, what are they?

A perfect mix of taste is this apple; sweet&sour. They can be used for sweet dishes as well as savory dishes. They are perfect for for example applesauce and applejuice.

Some sweet&sour apples you might have heard of are the Elstar, the Golden Delicious, the Jonagold, the Kanzi.

Sour apples, what are they?

Sour apples have a green color and are totally opposite from the sweet apples in flavor. These apples are know for their firm texture and refined flavor.

Some sour apples you might have heard of are the Goudreinet, the Granny Smith, the Pink Lady, the Junami.

The apples we use at BitterSweetz do change every now and then. We do like working with some various brands like the Goudreinet:
The Goudreinet has different names. It’s original name is ‘Schone van Boskoop’. The apples have a red and yellow color sometimes known as dull colors since the apples are not bright in color. It gets it’s color thanks to the soil below and around the tree. Due to the dry and firm skin it is not an apple you just eat on your way. Because of its taste it is perfect for cakes and applesauce.
We always buy the Jonagold:
The Jonagold apple is a very well known apple. In Belgium this apple is eaten most of all apples but is also eaten a lot in the Netherlands.  It’s name is a combination of two different apple types; the Golden Delicious and the Jonathan.  Its color is yellow-greenish with a little bit of red blush.
We also use a lot of the Elstar:
The Elstar, maybe this is the best known apple and is a real Dutch apple. The Elstar is a yellow-green apple with a bright red blush. It was founded in Elst and the spiritual Father was called Arie Schaap so the name Elstar was born; at first is was called Elstarie (Elst & Arie) and later it became Elstar.

Arrowroot is a large, perennial herb found in rainforest habitats and comes from the Maranta family. It contains 23 % starch. The plants are washed first, then stripped of the paper-like skin. Then washed again, dried and finally grounded to pulp. The milky liquid obtained by this process will be filtered to obtain the starch. This powder is known as arrowroot and is used a lot in bakings, broths, etc for people who follow a specific diet. In a later stage we will write a blog about arrowroot.

Cinnamon is a spice made of the inner bark of the shoots of the cinnamon tree. The most important cinnamon spices are the Ceylon Cinnamon or the real cinnamon and the Cassia or Kassie. Cassia is a bit more spicy and sweeter then the Ceylon Cinnamon. Cinnamon is sold in sticks. The cinnamon powder, used at home mostly consist of ground Cassia. Sometimes they add a little bit of ceylon Cinnamon. We will discuss the health benefits if cinnamon later.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is a tropical oil, which is obtained by pressing or extraction of copra, the dried white flesh of the fruit of the coconut tree. About two thirds to three quarters of the dry portion of the coconut meat consists of coconut oil / fat. Coconut oil contains the most saturated fatty acids of all fats and oils and is therefore the most stable type.
An extra nice fact besides the use in the kitchen, coconut oil has a factor of 5-10 SPF and can therefore be used as a sunscreen. The low protection factor dictates that you have to reapply regularly.

Rice flour
Rice flour is a flour made our of rice. It is not the same as rice starch Het is anders dan rijstzetmeel, that is usually produced by soaking rice in lye. Rice flour is a common alternative to wheat flour and perfect for our gluten-free kitchen.

Rice syrup
Rice syrup is one of the substitutes for refined sugars. At the process of making rice syrup it is important to keep the natural benefits and produces. It has a mild and sweet taste.

A raisin is a dried grape. Nothing more nothing less. There are white raisins and red raisins.

The orange is the fruit of the orange tree and belongs to the Citrus Family. The fruit changes from the green color to the orange color during the riding process. Oranges are eaten peeled or sqeezed to orange juice. It’s flesh has a light orange color and has a fresh and sweet taste. There are also oranges that have red flesh, these are blood oranges. The skin is used as flavoring in cakes etc.

Salt is most known as a flavor for food at preparing a meal. Salt gives the food a salty taste.

So now you have all the ingredients and you can start trying to bake your own version of Grandmothers Apple pie. Use the apples you want to use and start playing with the ingredients until you have your own favorite. Join us at BitterSweetz in between your baking to taste our version. It is great during Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter. With a cup of coffee, glass of tea, a mug of hot chocolate, bottle of lemonade and perfect to put in a take away box to bring home for a later moment during the day or to compare tastes.