Apples and pears from the Municipal Fruit orchard De Uithof

I think we have set a new trend; picking apples (and in this case also pears) from the trees of friends, acquaintances, guests of BitterSweetz and now also from the Municipal Fruitboomgaard De Uithof in The Hague.

We have the taste in any case and are therefore very happy that this is possible.

Last Sunday was the day, the annual harvest of apples and pears from De Uithof fruit orchard. The message came over on Facebook, I immediately signed up because of course I wanted to go there. I shared the info with my love and he too was wildly enthusiastic. Not thinking that picking would be on Sunday from 11:00 – 12:00. And that is of course a time when I work in BitterSweetz and bake pies from the apples from Helma and Martin. I sent the link to Eric and asked him if he wanted to go by himself and also enjoy on my behalf.

Of course he wanted to go by himself. With 2 sturdy bags in his hand, he got into the car towards De Uithof. Since he has not been living in The Hague for very long, the “TomTom” has taken him to where he needed to be. Just to be sure, he sakes a passing lady where exactly the Fruit Orchard is located so that he would not miss the event. On arrival there was already a line and Eric tidy behind. Once at the entrance, he appeared to need an access ticket and he did not have one, I had not forwarded that. With the sparkle in his eyes and bags in his hand, Eric stood somewhat embarrassed at the gate. With the orchard in sight but no physical ticket, he was not allowed inside. Looking behind him at the line of people who did have a ticket, he took his loss. The card inspector saw that too and who knows his Brabant accent helped a little, but he was allowed inside anyway. “You’ve come all the way here, come on.” Happy as a small child, he followed, with an extendable stick with a safety net in his hand, the group of people who had also come to pick. Or as he wrote: “the many, still small children, jumped around like young lambs among the brown sheep, all looking for that one big, colorful, fragrant apple or pear.”

An orchard of up to 50 apple and pear trees were already waiting for the crowd to release their beautiful ripe fruits. Some apples and pears were already boven to the wasps and bees that were eating this delicious food. 

After an hour Eric stopped. The two bags were full enough and heavy! With 7.4 kilos of apples and 12.7 kilos of pears, he left for the car to take them home until I can bring them to the store. The apples already have a function, the pears do not yet. Do you have a good idea?

If you know a recipe that fits within BitterSweetz, let me know and we will bake it and name the cake after you! How nice is that ?!