Coming Friday is ‘Warmsweaterday’. Maybe a strange name and you might think why? Sure it is cold outside and the rain makes it even colder so yes we can wear a warm sweater, sure.

That is true, you can easily translate it to somethng like that. In this case it means a special day to wear a warm sweater and turn the heater down. It is a yearly Campaign to make sure people are more aware of the Heating of the Earth. This one day can already reduce 6% energy and 6% CO2 if we turn the heater down for only 1 degree. Awesome right!


So schools, companies, individuals, everybody can join, the ore the better even.

As you can read on the following website https://www.warmetruiendag.nl/: ‘if we do this all together as a team only at this one day, we can save as much as energy usage for one year for three Wadden Islands in the North of the Netherlands. If we do this every day, we can save up to the energy usage of one year as much as we use in the city Amsterdam. So, together we can make a difference and that’s why there is Warmswaeterday stands for.’

Powerfull and clear right?

At home I turn off the heater every now and then. Wear 3 layers of clothes and place myself on the sofa under a nice and comfy blanket with a hot tea in my hands. As soon as I feel my nose is getting too cold, I just put my whole head onder the blanket to warm up. In the beginning I really struggled with the cold, especially when my heater broke down in the coldest periode of the year but after a while I get used to it. Just like taking cold showers every morning. It is all for a better world. So join us and find your most beautiful, ugly, warm, colorfull, striped, dotted, knitted, patchworked sweater, wear it and turn the heater down with at leaste one degree.

We think it is a great idea and we will wear a warm sweater to BitterSweetz and turn the heater down. So even it might be a little bit colder in BitterSweetz, you can stil order a warm coffee or tea to warm up again.

Visit us and show us your sweater!