After a lovely Holiday and some little job work at BitterSweetz we are open for public again. The sign “sorry we are closed” has been changed into “you’re welcome, we are open”. The gluten free, refines sugar free and vegan cakes, fresh coffees from Bacchi, Kali Tengah’s Teas, Fentimans & Elixia’s Soda’s are waiting for you to warm up your bodies during these cold winter days.

Feel welcome and join us while sitting next to the heater, reading a book, looking at our beautiful window, talking to your friend, working on your laptop of whatever reason you should have to just pop in. We are very happy to see you again.

And this is a special day because it is PEANUT BUTTER DAY.  everybody knows peanut butter, since our childhood everybody has tasted it. This nice, creamy thick substance to be put on your (right out of the oven) sandwich or bun. People eat it with butter underneeth, others with chocolate paste, and others with marmelade/jam (the so called PBJ: peanut butter jam sandwich). It does not matter how you eat it, it is delicious in any way!

There are many variaties on the market: with extra (sea)salt, with refined sugars, with chilies, with peanut chunks. Everybody can choose its own favorite. Ofcourse, we like the plain, only peanut grinded, peanut butter most and think it is the best. But he, that is just our honest opinion.

Peanut Butter is high in plant based oils and fat, Vitamine B1, B3 and E. People who can eat this without an allergy can consider this as a very rich and healthy source of substance.

We at Bittersweetz use it in one of our vey favorite dishes (and this will never stop being on the menu), the ZNIKKERZ!

You will also find it, together with an other favorite of ours the banana, in the oatmeal and ofcourse there is the plain peanut butter sandwich on the childrens menu.  So, put on your coat, get your bicycle, take the tram, car or just start walking to come and enjoy this lovely, creamy, delicious food. See you soon!