Ever since I know I am gluten and lactose intolerant I am more focused on my food then before and I really try to make an effort of it. Especially breakfast is a very important moment of the day and I make sure I take my time seated at the table and eat mindfullnessly. I prefer warm food so it will be of no surprise to start the day with warm oatmeal! Comfort food it is.

Oats are gluten free but because oats, oats kernels, oatmeal, oats flower are being produced in factories where they also produce wheat products they can contain gluten and therefore it is not all good for people who have celiac disease. Of course you can buy gluten free oats in supermarkets too. And even though it is very nutritious and high in healthy fibers not everyone can eat oats even when the oats are gluten free. Myself started to eat arts since 2 years. Before that I could not eat it either without getting sick.

You can buy oats in different varieties in every supermarket; oat flakes coarse, oat flakes fine, ready made porridge, oatmeal..  I prefer the make my own oatmeal out of coarse oat flakes since that works best for my body. It also has a nice structure so I still have to chew and therefore use my teeth to eat.

It takes little time and is very easy to prepare. And of course it is delicious (I think so anyway)! You can prepare the oatmeal with water or with any milk of your own choice. You can also do like me and mix the two; water with a little bit of almond milk (smart thinking).

A for me really important ingredient is peanut butter. The real one where we spoke about the other day when it was peanut butter day. A spoon full of real peanut butter without any sugars, oils, flavors gives it an extra dimension. I did not come up with the idea myself. I saw it when I was in Berlin 2 years ago while checking out their offer of gluten free products in a cafe. A very smart, tasteful, easy choice it is I think. To change every now and then I sometimes put a banana in thin slices in the oatmeal to make it more sweet and smooth. After 10 minutes on low heat everything is combined and melted and ready to be eaten!

I use a large bowl for the oatmeal so I can see everything and can enjoy every bite I take. Add some organic wild blueberries and sprinkle a fare amount of cinnamon on top. Use honey if you want and enjoy this delicious bowl of oatmeal.

After breakfast I am looking forward to the next morning so I can enjoy it again..