Perhaps you have seen it on social media or on our door already: the announcement that we have new plans. After posting this announcement, we received lots of questions about what exactly we are planning on. That why we decided to dedicate a blog to our ‘new plans’… Are you ready?

As you might have read, we have announced that, as of November 1st, we are opened from Wednesday ‘til Sunday and that, as of December 1st, we are opened from Thursday ‘til Sunday. This announcement led to wonderment about whether we are going to quit BitterSweetz. That is definitely not the case! We have a couple of exciting plans that have been lurking for three years and we thought it was well time to start developing these. The reason why we will be opened less frequently the coming months has to do with the preparations for these plans, that we probably want to launch in the new year. What they are exactly will remain a surprise for now, but we can ensure you that we think they are very exciting…

That we’re closed on Tuesdays and in the near future on Wednesdays, too, does not mean that we are not occupied with BitterSweetz business on those days. On the contrary: we are planning on organizing fun events or workshops once a month (or perhaps more often) in the lunchroom on Wednesdays – something we can’t do while we’re still opened, of course. These events will vary from pop-up events with chef cooks, musicians and artists to in-house (cooking)workshops by ourselves and friendly entrepreneurs with a passion for everything that fits BitterSweetz. So, we have lots of fun stuff coming up, you just have to have a little patience 😉

As you can probably understand, we are extremely busy developing these ‘new plans’ behind the scenes, but we promise to keep you updated – both in the lunchroom as through our website and social media. We hope that you understand the road we want to take and we are certain that you will enjoy it as much as we do. Keep you posted…!