A while ago I received an invitation to visit the Trade Fair Horecava in Amsterdam. Since I now had the toe, I decided to go and to see what is available in hospitality foodwise and innovative offers to see if there is anything interesting for BitterSweetz.
So many companies Were there presenting their goods in all ways you can Think of to help promoting your own Company, to sell food and drinks and just to promote their products.

I spoke to several companies to see what they had to offer and if that was Any kind of intersteng for BitterSweetz. What I saw most was the huge amount of fried snacks and food you can find anywhere in any restaurant/cafe. Unfortunately gluten free was not presented as I had hoped for. The one company that had a big sign with gluten free and lactose free told me they had no gluten free produces to try nor did they bring it to the fair.
So, that was a pity and we, the ones eating gluten free can be of great value as ambassadors.

I was happy to see some familiar faces too

Soof and Fentimans.
BitterSweetz already has these Beautiful juichen and soda’s and you coukd see Thai did good business at the fair since they were really busy all the time explaining what it was and let people taste the drinks.